Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

How to save money on moving?

Do not hesitate to ask the manager of the moving company. A specialist knows the details of the future move, and therefore he can give competent advice - what services to cancel without consequences for the safety of things. So, if you do not have antiques and expensive equipment, you will not need insurance. Personal items and small typical furniture can be packed yourself.

Is there an approximate price for moving house?
If the moving company tells you that the approximate prices for apartment move does not exist - do not believe me. Companies that have moved dozens of apartments, are aware of the minimum "check". Thus, in our company's most affordable move costs $1000. Moving a "one-bedroom" will cost $4000 rubles. You can move a two-bedroom apartment for $7000.

Do we need packing materials?
In fact, many are hoping to do with improvised means - boxes from household appliances, newspapers, unnecessary rags. But these materials are not enough even to move a room in a student dormitory. It is smarter to buy professional packing. How much you need to calculate the manager of the transport company. In this case, do not necessarily buy the materials in this company or order the service of packing.

Can I carry furniture without packing?
Theoretically, yes. But if you order the move in a moving firm, the movers and driver will not be able to guarantee the safety of things. If during the transportation stains the upholstery of the couch or broken glass table, you will not receive compensation - because you violated the basic rule of safety: to transport things strictly in packaged form.

What day of the week is ideal for moving apartment?
It all depends on your priorities. If you need to move as soon as possible, you will have to move on weekends or holidays. At this time on Illinois roads less traffic than on weekdays. If you want to save money, book shipping in the middle of the week - usually on these days there are not many customers, and transporters give discounts.

Do I need to insure my belongings while moving?
If you are moving within the same city, and you do not have antiques, expensive equipment or other valuables, insurance is not necessary. In the case of damage or loss of things you will in any case be compensated for the loss. But when you move to another city or country it is a good idea to insure the entire property, up to the microwave oven and rocking chair.

Is it necessary to conclude a contract with a transportation company?
If the transportation company operates under a contract, you have to conclude it. The document plays into the hands of both you and the carrier. You can get compensation if things are lost or damaged, and the transporters protect themselves from unjustified claims.